Niche Essence Greek Sculpture Scented Soy Candle

  • $44.00 CAD


Niche Essence Greek Sculpture Scented Candle  165-170 gr Soy Wax

This scented candle made of 100% Soybean and high quality essences.

In our small studio, unique candles are made in concrete jars. Each stage is performed only by hand, from pouring concrete jars, hand sanding, impregnating,  wicking, pouring natural soy wax with fragrance oils. Every part of our packaging is carefully selected to ensure they are plastic-free and recyclable, so you can enjoy a eco experience without burdening the planet! 

Warm and earthy scent

Soy-blend wax

Concrete vessel

Scented with Vanilla Crème Brulée and Lavender.

5.6 oz Soy Bean, 15 oz Container

Approx. burn time: 36 hours

Hand Made in Canada

    【About Soy Wax】

    Soy wax is 100% biodegradable, it’s sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan!

    【About Essential Oil】
    We use premium essential oils to ensure it’s good for your health!

    Because of the feature of the soy wax, please do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours, as the candle might be over burned.

    【Trim For Best Use】
    In order to prevent smoking, don’t forget to trim your wick each time before relight your candle!

    【About Cement Concrete Jar】

    Our Concrete Jar comes in 2 colours: Light gray / Dark gray 

    Width: 8 centimetres

    Height: 13 centimetres

    Please note that every jar is unique. Texture and colour may be slightly different from the picture.

                                       Each candle is handmade with Love.