• Rance 1795 Les Etoiles Pres de Toi EDP W

Rance 1795 Les Etoiles Pres de Toi EDP W

$223.00 CAD

The promise of long evenings together under Oriental stars surrounded by scents that appeal to the heart. The desire for an unforgettable journey, and nights where words are interrupted by long silences. An intense deep relationship between two souls and two bodies. Oriental fragrances are a living part of this promise that saturate both words and gestures.
The red of the gems symbolizes the ardour of passionate requited love.

Prêës de Toi - Notes

Top: bergamot, orange blossom and tangerine.
Heart: Bulgarian rose, magnolia and Madurai jasmine.
Base: Indonesian patchouli, Tolu balsam, oodh and vanilla.