• Teo Cabanel Meloe EDT Sample 3ml

Teo Cabanel Meloe EDT Sample 3ml

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Teo Cabanel Meloe Sample

Teo Cabanel Meloe: Melos's Epicurian symphony generously draws its top notes from citrus and spices. Bergamot from Calabria, mandarin and lemon from Sicily, lavender and basil play their part in perfect harmony. The sparkling citrus notes linger until a dainty floral bouquet of Neroli from Tunisia, orange blossom and jasmine with just a touch of nutmeg comes to full bloom to make up the heart notes. Unexpected sensual base notes of musk, amber and just a hint of woody notes. Lavish elegance and mystery, Meloe fully reveals its modern and distinctive character.

Meloe - Notes

Top: Calabrian bergamot, mandarin, Sicilian lemon, lavender, basil, spices
Heart: Tunisian neroli, orange blossom, jasmine, nutmeg
Base: musk, amber, woody notes

Teo Cabanel Meloe

Base: musk, amber, woody notes