With an intense desire to immortalize the memories of life’s journeys, Torre of Tuscany’s Profumi del Forte line is the realization of this quest. Every perfume is inspired by the perfumer’s personal experiences and travels, enriched by the art, workmanship and centuries-old traditions of Italy.  The rarest essences, the best raw materials, and rigorously artisan workmanship render the Torre of Tuscany fragrances a stunningly Italian ode to pleasure and beauty. Creator Enzo Torre has melded his love for both Tuscany and the luminous landscapes of Forte Dei Marmi to develop a new collection of scents that are reflective of the sensual and romantic atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. A true celebration of the Italian lifestyle, these fragrances are authentic and rich without being ostentatious and make a refined and elegant choice for those who enjoy the riches of the Forte Dei Marmi.

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