The House of Oud - THoO

THE HOUSE OF OUD is the name of a brand, the signature of a style, but even before that it is the story of a friendship between an Italian Master Perfumier and a producer of Jakarta oud, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together with a sense of beauty and their love of study. Their focus on aesthetic, cultural and olfactory research has made their path and their work into an opportunity to discover the finest raw materials und unprecedented, increasingly surprising accords. THE HOUSE OF OUD was established to channel the ideas and inspirations the two collect from all over the world into a single ‘house’. Theirs is a rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities and to visits, furnished with knowledge, experience and the age-old art of perfumery. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the ingredient that is always part of the brand’s compositions, OUD is also an acronym that encapsulates all the two founders’ spirit of research, standing for ‘Our Unique Devotion’. THE HOUSE OF OUD creates unique products that touch the heartstrings and light up those who wear them.