Xerjoff XJ Oud Black Sukar Extrait

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Xerjoff Black Sukar Extrait

Balmy and floral, Black Sukar opens with peony and freesia.

A scrumptious atmosphere follows the trend with the growing notes of Laotian oud, and the smoky petals of the Damask rose.

The sugary sweetness of vanilla and musk compose the base layer and orchestrate a seamless oriental and floral delicacy.

Black Sukar is filled with lovely fresh notes of orange and rose pepper mixed with sweet flowers. A sweet and rich base of vanilla, oud and musk gives the depth and character to the scent. The oil is very concentrated and a drop lasts for a long time.

Black Sukar Extrait Notes:

Head notes: Freesia

Heart notes: Damascus Rose, Peony

Base notes: Laotian Oud