Xerjoff XJ Oud Warda al Oud Extrait

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Size: 10ml
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Xerjoff Warda al Oud Extrait

Warda al Oud opens with pungent osmanthus and seductive jasmine. Hints of Cambodian oud and tobacco notes are married to bitter roses and establish their auburn scent reign.

Warda al Oud is an attar composition of condensed metallic rose embracing the smoky oud and musk which intensifies the incense.


This fragrance is suitable for all seasons, men and women and all ages! It is a loved, spoken of perfume that are experienced as floral, sweet and a little smokey.

Warda al Oud Extrait Notes:

 Head notes: Bergamot

Heart notes: Bulgarian and Damascus Rose

Base notes: Musk Cambodian Oud 

Size: 10ml

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