Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony EDP

  • $465.00 CAD

OPUS V - Woods Symphony 

Through a well-balanced “woods symphony”, Opus V evokes how deceptive and transformative knowledge can be. Floral and waxy whiffs of Orris Absolute, buttery, and metallic notes of Orris Concrete pushed by Dry Woods, and heady fumes of Rhum paint a binary world of black and white numbers, glass shards and data humming behind metal desks while the raw animality of Oud and Civet and the faint aroma of wilting Rose and Jasmine evoke the scent of humans, living together with machines.

Dry and mineral while carnal and soothing, Opus V is a modern tale of societies fragmented by the way knowledge travels in cyberspace.

Top Notes: Orris Absolute, Rhum.
Heart Notes: Orris Concrete, Rose, Jasmine.
Base Notes: Agarwood, Civet, Dry Wood Accord.