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Clive Christian Jump up and Kiss EDP Sample

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Size: 3ml
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Clive Christian Jump up and Kiss Ecstatic EDP
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Clive Christian Jump up and Kiss EDP Sample 

The Jump up and Kiss Me pair are truly iconic perfumes, inspired by England’s greatest playwright and a true classic – William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A play where the line between reality and dreams is blurred in a mythical forest and where the most innocent looking of flowers can cause you to fall in love with whomever or whatever you first set eyes on. Capturing the sheer ecstasy of all consuming infatuation- this is Jump up and Kiss Me. A story of Ecstatic indulgence and Hedonistic reckless abandon.

Clive Christian’s most artistic and complex fragrance offer channelling the artistry of literary genius. Be prepared to fall under the influence of these exquisitely crafted perfumes.

A bolt of sun-warmed paradise.An evocative woody oriental perfume rich with gourmand notes and a herbal green accord of black cherry and mate tea.

 Opening with a citrus accord of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Neroli, combined with a fruity herbal green accord of black cherry, and Clary Sage. A rich heart of Jasmine with notes of Orris, Tobacco and Papyrus give sensuality and depth. The base is an oriental woody style, rich with ambers, smoky leather and rich resinous Labdanum, sweetened with a touch of Tonka and Vanilla. Hedonistic reckless abandon.


A smouldering aphrodisiac brew blends steaming Mate Tea with smoking Tobacco- creating an irresistible dependency. An Amber Oriental fragrance crafted with 203 unique ingredients and an outstanding 25% parfum concentration.


Rich in culture Mate Tea is known as the drink of friendship, a gift from the gods. A natural stimulant this herbal infusion adds a touch of bitterness to scents.


Dry, smoky and warm tobacco has a rich and complex character exuding sweet tones of maple and caramel as well as nuances of violet, rose and whiskey. Highly addictive tobacco was originally thought to be a gift from the gods by the Native Americans with ceremonial smoke carrying thoughts and prayers to The Creator



The strong balsamic and resinous tone of Labdanum extracted from the Rock Rose add amber nuances and leathery accords. In antiquity Labdanum was gathered from the banks of the Mediterranean for its use in perfumery


Size: 3ml

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