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Clive Christian Noble XXI Blonde Amber EDP

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Size: 50ml
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Clive Christian Noble XXI Blonde Amber

A deep and smokey amber perfume with floral flourishes, inspired by this key design material of the era. A warm amber, spiced with aromatic and smokey blonde tobacco tells the story of Art Deco decadence. A riot of flourishing florals and dried fruits join the melee of fine ingredients, creating an indulgent blend.


Taken exclusively from the fruit of the most versatile botanical in the perfumer’s palette. The bitter orange is a favourite note found in chypres and colognes and lifts florals with an energising sweep. In this perfume bitter orange lifts tuberose and jasmine and adds freshness to sticky dried fruit notes.


Sweet, sensual, and smoky with an aromatic twist – the perfect accompaniment to the rich florals and deep amber which adorn this perfume. A sweet hay like note with subtle smokiness. An incredibly versatile ingredient that offers unending twists and turns to a perfume.

Sweet indulgent spice with a smooth praline like richness and a hint of vanilla – the perfect accompaniment to gourmande notes and ambers, tonka gives Blonde Amber its rich and indulgent base. Historically the seeds where soaked, cured and dried in rum to give coumarin crystals – a decadent twist for this opulent ingredient.

Size: 50ml

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