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Dusita Cavatina Travel Spray Bottle 7.5ml + 2 Refills

$120.00 CAD
Size: 7.5ml
Product Description

Dusita Cavatina Travel Spray Bottle 7.5ml + 2 Refills

A new addition to the Eau de Parfum collection, the 7.5ml Cavatina comes with an elegant box and its 2 refills of 7.5ml each (22.5ml in total).


Cavatina is music to the soul, a fragrant hymn to human compassion conducted with the spirit of “joie de vivre”. Starting with Pissara Umavijani's  love for vintage muguet-centered scents, she composed new floral accords that ended updancing together in a melodious scent that became Cavatina.


Olfactive Notes

The opening,

a symphony of sparkling, invigorating citrusy notes:

Calabrian Bergamot, Chinese Litsea Cubeba, 

Paraguayan Petitgrain

greets our exclusive, 

resolutely modern Muguet Accord.

 At the Heart,

our very own Tea Rose Accord 

harmonically blends with fresh,

seductive floral touches:

Egyptian Tuberose and Jasmine Grandiflorum, 

Indonesian Ylang-Ylang.

 The Base Notes,

the airy muskiness of Indian Ambrette, 

the soft woodiness of Siamese Wood

and the deep sensuality of Madagascar Vanilla.


Size: 7.5ml

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