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Eight & Bob Le Geste D'edmond Extrit de Parfum Sample

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Size: 3ml
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Eight & Bob  Le Geste D'edmond Extrit de Parfum
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Eight & Bob  Le Geste D'edmond Extrit de Parfum Sample

In the 16th century, vanilla captivated European high society, facing cultivation challenges. On Bourbon Island, a youthful apprentice named Edmond Albius defied norms, mastering vanilla cultivation at just 12 years old. His groundbreaking technique transformed Madagascar into the world's premier vanilla producer.

 Eight & Bob's "Le Geste d'Edmond" is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating Edmond Albius's passion and creativity. As part of the Les Extraits Collection, this fragrance personifies discreet luxury, seamlessly transporting wearers to unforgettable moments.

 "Le Geste d'Edmond" immortalizes Edmond Albius's journey in perfumery, capturing his botanical brilliance. It stands as a testament to the impact one individual's creativity can have on shaping the history of a coveted botanical treasure. 

This fragrance is a celebration of Edmond Albius's indomitable spirit and the rich heritage of vanilla cultivation, forever etched in perfumery history. With every spritz, wearers embark on a sensory journey, paying homage to the timeless legacy of a young visionary.


Madagascar Ginger Oil


Madagascar Cinnamon
Clove Symtrap


Bourbon Vanilla
Size: 3ml

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