Il Bucato di Adele

Il Bucato di Adele, Kit Monodose

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Size: 20ml
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Il Bucato di Adele, Argan
Il Bucato di Adele, Argan From $14.00 CAD
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Il Bucato di Adele Gocce di Pulito - Drops of Clean
Il Bucato di Adele Fresco Bucato - Fresh Laundry
Il Bucato di Adele Vaniglia e Mirra - Vanilla and Myrrh
Il Bucato di Adele, Ylang Ylang e Gelsomino - Ylang Ylang and Jasmine
Product Description

Il Bucato di Adele, Kit Monodose 10 X 20 ml

Among all these fragrances, you just don't know which one to choose? The box set containing the 10 most beloved fragrances of all time is the product for you: now you have no more excuses to try them all and choose your favorite!
Also perfect as a scented and original gift idea: nice figure assured!

The 10 fragrances starter kit contains:

Pure White - Sunshine Day - Blue Diamond - Drops of Clean - Argan - Oriental Gold - Vanilla and Myrrh - Moss and Lotus - Ylang Ylang and Jasmine - Fresh Laundry

In a convenient single-dose format. You can also find the 10 Traditional fragrances in 150ml and 500ml sizes.

The concentrated laundry perfume can be used both for machine and hand wash.
It can be used for all types of fabrics.
IN THE WASHING MACHINE: add the entire contents of the vial to the fabric softener tray.
HAND WASH: dilute the entire contents of the vial in 5lt of water during the last rinse.

Size: 20ml

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