Il Bucato di Adele

Il Bucato di Adele Oro d'Oriente - Gold of the East

$14.00 CAD
Size: 150ml
Product Description

Il Bucato di Adele Oro d'Oriente - Gold of the East

A warm, enveloping fragrance that gives harmony and serenity through the perfect combination of its floral and woody notes.

All the charm of the Orient encapsulated in a single fragrance, capable of giving you a break of well-being and positive energy.

HEAD NOTES: bergamot and peach

HEART NOTES: rose and jasmine

BOTTOM NOTES: woods, musk and vanilla

Oriental gold. A floral note of bergamot and rose, enhanced by warm essences of vanilla and woods.

Available in 150ml and 500ml sizes.

How to use concentrated laundry fragrancer?

Recommended dose: 20ml

You can use it for both machine and hand washing on any fabric.
You can increase or decrease the dose depending on the desired intensity.
Do not pour pure on fabrics and remove any residue from any other surface.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: Use the cap as a dispenser and pour 2 or 3 caps (about 7ml each) of concentrate into the softener tray.

BY HAND: Pour 2 or 3 caps into 5lt of water that you will use for the last rinse, using protective gloves.

Size: 150ml

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