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Kajal Almaz EDP Sample

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Size: 3ml
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Kajal Almaz EDP
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A beauty so enchanting, it has enraptured people for centuries.A clarity so pure, one glimpse is enough to mesmerize. A love so powerful, its eternal radiance will forever shine.Treasured throughout history, precious gemstones have been sought after on many a quest. By far the most desired and cherished is the Almaz, a gem of legendary sparkling brilliance which symbolizes everlasting love, strength, and good health. Almaz, the Arabic name for diamonds, are renowned not only for their sublime beauty, but also for their timelessness as they withstand millions of years of immense pressure to form.



Top notes:

Almaz opens with a beguiling fruity combination of bergamot and blackcurrant, a delightful mixture of fresh sweetness with a spicy edge.


Heart notes:

The heart notes consist of an elegant blend of raspberry, flower notes and heliotrope, resulting in a warm and alluring floral embrace


Base notes:

As we reach the base notes, we find a delicious fusion of musk, wood notes, vanilla, amber and brown sugar, a mellow yet sensual composition consisting of a rich and pure earthy softness.


Size: 3ml

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