MDCI L'Homme Aux Gants EDP Sample 3ml

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MDCI L'Homme Aux Gants Sample 3ml

L’Homme aux Gants is created by Nathalie Feisthauer. She defined her creation as "soft oud,".

The first fragrance is dedicated to the Titian picture “A Man with a Glove” (c. 1520,) which belongs to the Louvre collection, and is located on the first floor, in the Mona Lisa Hall, right opposite this famous painting.

the fragrance seemed to me a very delicate and creamy woody balsamic aroma, with a slightly alcohol-tinted fruity and spicy beginning. The main accord is soft, sweetish and creamy guaiac wood with the sweetness of vanilla tincture, benzoin and tonka beans.

The perfumer tried to convey the feeling of suede gloves without the help of a suede note, using only the general warmth and delicate texture of suede. The dark surroundings - nagarmotha, oud, patchouli - do not stand out in particular, except in a sweet woody accord that resembles the smell of smoke from oud wood burning over coals in a censer.

L'Homme Aux Gants - Notes:

Nutmeg, cypriol, hedione, oud, cedar, patchouli, gaiac, gurjum, tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla, musks