Memo Tamarindo _ Eau de Parfum Sample

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Memo Tamarindo_ Eau de Parfum

Pineapple flower

Tamarindo is lined with lush wilderness, surrounded by turquoise waters beyond the primal forest and mountains. Giant tamarind trees are home to colourful parrots, their cries ringing through the jungle, the warm forest air made humid with forgotten scents. A round of captivating notes, a dizzying dance beneath the sun. Tamarindo is a well-guarded secret, a joyful landscape, a trail of happiness, a solar scent. Lose yourself, let the journey of this vagabond seed be your guide.

The nose behind this perfume is Sophie Labbé. 

Notes: Bergamot oil, cardamom, pineapple, jasmine absolute, patchouli, vanilla absolute, benzoin