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Nishane, Shinanay Sample

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Size: 3ml
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Nishane, Shinanay
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Nishane, Shinanay Sample

In its relentless pursuit to redefine the paradigms of scent creation, NISHANE introduces Shinanay as the second opus in its Experimental Collection. Launched in 2019, the Experimental Collection serves as a daring space for avant-garde creations, offering perfumers and the most discerning connoisseurs alike the opportunity to surpass their limits and explore uncharted olfactory territories. Following Unutamam, the provocateur and unforgettable fougère, the addition of Shinanay further solidifies NISHANE's reputation as a trailblazer in the world of perfumery. Hemmed with tactile balsams and caramelised resins, a heart of narcotic flowers - Gardenia, Tuberose and Magnolia – lilts through the composition, its indolic sweetness pulsing against the luminous verticality of Galbanum and Lily of the Valley. An interplay of contrasts arises, between the lime-green freshness of Mastic and Elemi and the warmth of Cèpes and Opoponax, their toffee and chocolate hues distilled into a voluptuous ambery glaze. Indian Sandalwood and Himalayan Cedar burnish the exhausted petals, lending their milkiness to the arousing purr of Civet while Oakmoss, in a final, tenebrous waft, responds to the aldehydic Citruses of the overture.


aldehydes - blood orange - elemi - galbanum


gardenia - tuberose - magnolia - muguet - mastic


sandalwood - civet - cedarwood - opoponax - oakmoss - benzoin


Size: 3ml

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