Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942 Anti Malocchio Sample

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Nobile 1942 Anti Malocchio 75 ml
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Nobile 1942 Anti Malocchio 75 ml

Olfactory family: citrus aromatic woody   
We are not superstitious but... you never know. Indeed, as the Italian playwright Eduardo de Filippo said: “Being superstitious is ignorant;
but not being so is bad “.

The quote “it’s not true...but I believe it.
In many countries of the world there are superstitious rituals against bad luck, such as never passing after a black cat, wearing a certain type of color in the important moments of one’s life, or wearing an amulet that keeps us away from negative things.

Luck is blind but the bad luck can see very well.For this reason, the question that is usually asked to those who have a bad time is: “Don’t you have (evil) eyes on you?” Hence, in fact, the origin of the word “Malocchio = Evil Eye”.Fortunately, however, there is a remedy for this “jinx”: The only one who can destroy this bad luck is a kind of witch with her rituals and incomprehensible phrases that seem to come from ancient texts written in unknown languages. She manage to free you negative energies. But to keep negative things totally out there is an amulet ( il corniciello) , similar to a red small chili, that only if received as gift sorts the positive effects against bad energies. 

Top notes: almond, red pepper, salt, star anise, basil
Heart notes: aquatic notes, cypress, guaiac wood, immortelle, caramelized sugar
Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber notes, oakmoss

Perfume tips: Vaporize from behind as you do when throwing small pinches of salt
Naso: Maria Celeste Lombardo

According to the ancient tradition, for every purchase of the Anti Malocchio perfume you will receive as a gift ( RIGOROUSLY AS A GIFT) a red lucky horn made by Neapolitan artisans
Size: 3ml

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