Nobile 1942 IL Giardino Delle Delizie 75 ml

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Nobile 1942 IL Giardino Delle Delizie 75 ml

The representation of human vices.
The second fragrance brings us to "the Garden of earthly delights" by Hieronymus Bosh , exhibited at El Prado museum in Madrid. This triptych is considered a masterpiece of surrealism for its complex symbolism: humanity is represented, according to the Christian doctrine of the Middle Ages, with all its vices and its perversions in a satirical representation of men’s sins.

On the external panels, visible only when the Triptych is closed, in the upper part God appears in the act of creation: the world is represented like a transparent sphere. Once opened it reveals its great beauty.

Paradiso Perduto’s fragrance took inspiration from the central panel , where pleasures and love are represented: exotic animals symbolizing lust, a crowd of nude figures some of them in erotic abandon, others in a chrysalis stage are fed by birds that carry cherries and strawberries in their beaks, considered fruits with aphrodisiac properties. In the third panel the scene turns into a demonic concert: musical instruments become means to inflict suffering and pain. An olfactory representation of the contrasts present in the triptych.

"I imagined a dreamy and bizarre scent which convey eccentricity,lust and freedom. I wanted to give power to the fruity notes as a symbol of exoticism and aphrodisiac temptation. I wanted to capture the symbolism of this artwork. an olfactive illusion of the surreal."

- Christian Provenzano, the perfumer. 

HEAD: Rosewood, davana, saffron, plum, almond milk
HEART: Tuberose, sambac jasmine, osmanthus, rose, narcisus, immortelle
BASE: Benzoin, myrrh, styrax, orris fusion, kashmir fusion, suede, vetiver, amber , musk

Customized glass bottle 2,536 US FL.OZ.