Nobile 1942 La Danza Delle Libellule 75 ml

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Nobile 1942 La Danza Delle Libellule 75 ml

Olfactive Family: GOURMAND
It’s created according to aromatherapy for a pampering effect for hardest days. 
“The dance of dragonflies” is an operetta by Franz Lehar and it’s a kind of invitation to take life a little bit less seriously. 
Dukes, Counts, castels, lush gardens and magnificent dresses, jolly trips and idle pastimes, romantic encounters and love intrigues... A fragrance to devote to yourself, when femininity cries out, claiming some time for frivolousness, cuddles and the gentle insouciance that all women deserve. With this spirit, La danza delle libellule, brings all the lightness necessary to soothe even the most troubled hearts.

Top notes: apple, bergamot 
Heart notes: cinnamon, cocoa 
Base notes: cedarwood, vanilla, musk

Nose: Robertet 
Perfume Code: afternoon
Perfume Mood: a real cuddle!

Customized glass bottle 2,536 US FL.OZ