Nobile 1942 Pontevecchio Woman 75ml

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Nobile 1942 Pontevecchio Woman 75ml

Olfactive Family: FLORAL poudrée
In the magic atmosphere of a place linked to the “magnificent” Florence of Dè Medici, a perfume with evocative name were born. Iris from Florence is again the protagonist of the fragrance but in a delightfully and feminine expression. Caterina de’ Medici, cleverly, wore perfume on her gloves and body: in this way she avoided the odors of other people, who did not wash regularly at that time in history. This gestuelle was invented by Renato Bianco (or, as the French said: René le Florentin) who was her personal and  trusted perfumer and, not surprisingly, he followed her to the court in France upon her marriage. He invented specifically for Catherine many ways to carry perfume around:including the famous fragrant pomegranates, a particular jewel shaped like a sphere that could be worn around the neck or on the belt.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, coriander seeds. 
 Heart notes: iris, jasmine, Bulgarian rose 
 Base notes: white moss, amber wood, sandalwood.

Nose: Marie Duchene
Perfume Code: day
Perfume Mood: elegance
Customized glass bottle 2,536 US FL.OZ.