Turkish Rose Scented Candle

$150.00 CAD
Size: 300gr
Product Description

Turkish Rose Scented Candle 

Rose is known for having the highest frequency compared to all other flowers. Its energy levels are too high that are known to be so close to the frequency felt while in love.
Inspired by the vibration of the harmony, the belonging and most importantly love in the Turkish culture and lands which became home to countless cultures and civilizations back in its deep-rooted history of more than 5000 years; Turkish Rose offers an experience with the motto of pure love.

Made of 100% natural blend of our own, food grade, edible hydrogenated wax.
Our wax is produced by following a hydrogenation process which allows the candle not to emit any carcinogenic substances such as Sulfur, Benzene, Toluene so the candle is totally safe to breath without any risk to our health.

• 2 cotton wicks

• Approximately 27-30 hours of burning time

• 300 gr


Lemon, Bergamot, Cassis, Mandarine, Neroli


Watery notes, Geranium, Rose, Green notes


Ambery notes, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Size: 300gr

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