Xerjoff XJ Oud Kampuchea Noire Extrait

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Size: 10ml
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Xerjoff Kampuchea Noire Extrait

Wild pure Cambodian oud distilled from aged oud chips. Dark, black dark, and green, it displays a highly arcane and intoxicating sensuality merged with the animality of oud wood.

A straight, woody and bitter sour oud, extracted with utmost sincere efforts to preserve the nature and reality of the wood.


KAMPUCHEA NOIRE is 100% pure, first grade Cambodi Oud oil. Distilled from aged wild, Meghalayan aquilaria, agallocha oud chips.

Kampuchea Noire Extrait Notes:


100% Pure, First Grade Cambodian Oud Oil
Size: 10ml

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