Xerjoff Oud Stars Zafar EDP Sample

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Size: 3ml
Product Description

Xerjoff Oud Stars Zafar Sample

Xerjoff Oud Stars Zafar: The crown jewel of the collection, Zafar is an intense expression of Arabian perfumery. 3 years of sourcing materials went into this composition as nothing but the rarest and most exquisite ingredients were used to create Zafar. An unusual blend of Rose and black pepper begins the composition providing a tightrope of balance between floral and spice.

Zafar Notes:

Top: Rose, Green Apple, Black Pepper

Middle: Neroli from Morocco, Oud Laos, White Flowers

Base: Cedar, Incense, Vetiver Haiti, Musk

Xerjoff Oud Stars Zafar 

Size: 3ml

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