Xerjoff Shooting Stars Kobe Parfum Sample

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Size: 3ml
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Xerjoff Shooting Stars Kobe Parfum - Niche Essence
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Xerjoff Shooting Stars Kobe Sample

Xerjoff Shooting Stars Kobe: Kobe belongs to the citrus family yet is an unique take on this genre. Kobe opens with the most extraordinary neroli from south of Italy blended alongside petit grain of paraguay, calabrese bergamot and florida orange creating a bright bracing opening. Kobe's twist comes from its unusual marriage of its heart notes composed of exotiv rose woods and balsamic resins; where oud is the key to the blend. Palisander wood, tonka and amber lay the final foundation to this truli exotic blend of nature. Kobe is a precious collection of far away oriental treasures created with a surprising distillation technique. The use of rare and exotics natural ingredients

Kobe Notes

Calabrese bergamot, Florida orange, Southern Italian neroli, Paraguayan petitgrain, rose wood, resins, oud wood, palisander, tonka, amber

Xerjoff Shooting Stars Kobe

Size: 3ml

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