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Amouage Myths Woman

An invitation to step into the Enchanted Forest. The clearing is sunny and warm. The scents pull you in deeper. Green, floral, a bit damp and the animals are

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Xerjoff Shooting Stars Oesel

Xerjoff The Shooting Star Collection Meet OESEL. A magical golden, round and sensual potion. Imagine the warmth of sunrays and shadows. It has depth and beauty. OESEL is a bright shooting...

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Amouage Memoir Man

A man who intoxicates you with his allure, who mystifies you with his depth...he is Memoir Man. Built around a wicked note of absinthe. We're drunk. Visit us at 2651 Yonge...

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MDCI Invasion Barbare

LOVE at first sniff and a beautiful debut for perfumer Stephanie Bakouche!INVASION BARBARE is elegant and a beautiful balancing act. Opening with a crisp citrus, leading to a captivating aromatic...

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MDCI Peche Cardinal

MDCI's Péché Cardinal... Cardinal sin. We all get greedy sometimes. This one leaves us craving for another bite. Scrumptious and sensual. A peachy enchantment...with a twist. Visit us at 2651 Yonge...

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Amouage Journey Woman

In JOURNEY WOMAN, Mr. Chong mastered the art of subtlety and contrast. Discover this sultry, honeyed nectar at Niche Essence. Journey's elegance will delight. My little gourmandise du jour. Bravo Amouage! 

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