Crop Collection

The art of savoir faire and the finest of raw materials blend together into the perfect alchemy of the Crop Collection. Every year, a selection of the finest quality of Oud is set aside as a record of the season that generated it: it is from this selection that the CROP Collection,a tribute to the purest Oud, is made. The CROP Collection fragrances are 100% natural and are created by distilling a blend of ingredients of the highest quality. It is important to stress that these pieces are exclusive and limited in number: their quantities are dictated by the amount of Oud available in the batch. Just as every batch is unique, never the same from one year to the next, so these fragrances, too, are always original and inimitable. The House of Oud has so far produced two limited editions of the Crop Collection: 250 bottles in 2016 and 547 in 2017. The result of a skilful distillation of ingredients is the ultimate expression of the care that is paid to raw materials and of the quest for a seal of excellence asthe consequence of the value of Oud.