Hors La Monde is a niche perfume house created by Symine Salimpour in Paris. This woman is more than a designer, she is a "philosopher" of perfume. She has managed to create what we feel on subconscious level, into fragrance. She moves to the United States after working, dreaming, and exploring in the Middle East, and creates the brand Hors Là Monde. This name refers to a Palace restored by Maurice Maeterlink. Suspended between heaven and earth, this place seems without borders. Its owner gave him the name of Orlamonde.
Blinded and inspired by the landscape of its unreal beauty, Symine Salimpour keeps it to baptize her brand: “Hors Là Monde”, meaning "Out of this world."
She complemented it with a compass as a logo that guides to new worlds.
Convinced that Perfume is the secret of seduction, she dreams about it, creating perfumes that bring together both French refinement and the delights of the East.